Final Blog

This is all about what I have learned in this course or subject and the 3 most important learnings and the 3 biggest misconceptions that I have understood in this class. I also have some strengths & weaknesses that I discovered in my life. And it is also about what I have learned in this subject. I have also learned about the different learnings that are relevant/significant to my life as a seaman or as a student of this school. I have also learned about the different ways of my learnings in this course and why it is important for me to understand the different ways on how the computer system works.

My learning journey in this course is that I have learned many lessons about the 7 layers of OSI layer and the 4 layers of the TCP/IP layer. I have learned in this subject about the different operations of an OSI model layer comparing to TCP/IP model layer. I also have learned about the 4 layers and that is about the Application layer, Presentation layer, Session layer, and the Transport layer. I also have learned that it is easier to send data’s or messages in the computer from one client to a server it is because of segmentation, numbering and sequencing. Segmentation is like a paper shredder that cuts the paper in too many pieces and it is also like in the system segmentation is used to break down the data’s into segments so that the transfer of data files could be faster and the receiver would receive it in time. Numbering and Sequencing is used to correct the data patterns form 1 to 3.  I have learned that in this subject we can save some resources if we will not use retransmission, because retransmission is about resending the delayed data or the corrupted, but on the bad condition it will try to slow down the system and all of its data software in the system. Ihave also learned in this class that there are differences in TCP Address and in IP Address.

Well, there are 3 most important learnings in my life that I have learned in this subject and that is about discipline in class because without discipline our minds will not concentrate on what the teacher is teaching and what are our friends is saying, it also affects the minds of our friends because it they also can’t concentrate and instead of that they will start talking and the room would be noisy. The second most important to me is about the knowledge of my teacher which is giving us enough knowledge about the subject and what we should all learn about because our teacher is our 2nd parent or they can be called as our mentor, master, trainer, knowledge teacher and other types that we can call them. The last most important learnings that I have learned in this subject is about studying hard and learning from our own mistakes and there is hope either we fail or pass it does’nt matter, what matters is that we pass in our subject.

Well, there are also 3 biggest misconceptions and the first biggest misconception in my learnings and observations is being not so concentrated on the class because of noise that are being made by my classmates and by the other students that are showing off in the class thinking that they are smart enough to top the class and their subjects. My second biggest misconceptions is about the subject because it is so hard learn it, it is because we are studying too many subjects and it hard for my mind to concentrate on one subject. My last biggest misconceptions is about the lesson that is being taught by our teacher in class and what are the lessons to be review so that we can concentrate on that subject and we can study it well and learn it peacefull into our hearts and minds.

There are some personal strengths and weaknesses that I have discovered & learn in this course and it also help me to become a greater learner these are the points or sections of my strengths that I have discovered in this course and those are:

  • Having self-confidence in class and not giving others my answer and listenning well to the teacher.
  • Being always ready to answer to my teacher once he ask me a question about our lesson.
  • Studying hard and Listening well.
  • Self-discipline.
  • Hard-working.
  • Good in essay writing.
  • and being well behave student.

Well if there are some personal strengths that I have, there are also some personal weaknesses that I have discovered in this course and those are:

  • Being disturbed by my classmates.
  • Hearing the joking, chattering, blabbering and noisy sounds of my classmates.
  • Not having a peaceful mind in the class because of the noise that is spreading in the class.
  • Not having the time to follow up our lesson which is taught by my teahcer in class.
  • and Being so hopeless sometimes in class and in other subjects because of the different explanations that is explained by the student and teacher.

These lessons or learnings are relevant/significant to my course as a seaman because in every ship that is being used today are now using computers to operate a ship by its own kind like a tanker, a passenger ship, an oil rig carrier and especially in an aircraft carrier. It is also used in the command bridge which can be seen in the radar or the range that is captured by the ship because it is used to detect the ship that is passing through the radar and it also used to avoid a collision of both ships in the morning and at night especially in bad weather and bad conditions of the earth. These is also relevant to my course it is because of the coordinates that is being used to drive the ship away. Oh! Well, i am a marine engineer or MarE i am staying underneath the ship engines and watching how ship starts and how to operate and control the speed of the ship.

The computer system is the most important thing in my life because without it i  am like a destroyed ship with no maintenance systems and computer parts and chips in my system that is why computer is my life.


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