Blog III: How Does Reliability Affect Data Quality?

So How Does reliability affect data quality? As we all know that reliability is like being reliable or trustworthy to use for sending e-mail from one client to another server. Reliability is used by TCP/IP because of sending data or files from one client to the another,but sometimes it only happens that in a split second that the data was not successfully received because the receiver might not be available or the file would be corrupted or damaged so if the client has send it again by using re-transmission, the disadvantage of using re-transmission is that it will slow down and corrupt the system and, the data would take time to be received by the computer.

Reliability only affects data quality is only because of re-transmission, you know it only will slow down the system. But there is also another way to prevent the loss of data quality its by using UDP protocol.

So how does UDP protocol helps us to remove the problem in your system? It is because UDP is connection less-wire or wireless. UDP is an easy protocol to use because it does not guarantee to use reliable and in-order delivery messages. It only uses low-overhead because it does not use re-transmission. It is a protocol which is safe to use and does not provide much time to use but it will not use sequencing or numbering. Not like the TCP it is using numbering and sequencing and it sends data’s faster by using segments which is chopped down by using segmentation.


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