Blog II: The Importance of Network Security in Protecting Privacy

Network Security is a system that secures and protects the system from Trojans, Viruses, and other harmful objects that can affect your files and programs at your system. The Network is a system that needs to be protected by a security firewall.

So what is a Security firewall it means that, it is like a security building that has security guard and defenses in order to protect our files form hackers, and other people who wants to destroy your own computer by stealing files like, pictures, messages, works, games, and other types of files that they need that is why our computer has a security system because it helps us to see our computers protection status.

The importance of network security in Protecting Privacy has two importance’s that is 

– it is a system that kills or destroys viruses and other harmful systems.

– it is a security that protects our computer from people and friends that we don;t know.

– it is a network that we need in our daily life.

– it is also a security that destroys and block corrupted files.

Network Security has many different software just like McAfee, Norton Antivirus, USB Security, etc.

Do you know where this title is also related it is also related in the movie of TRON that was viewed in the cinemas. As we all know that we can see how the security destroy unknown users and viruses. It is also related to the game of TRON 2.0 where we will see the different levels of a computer like the Firewall, a GPS cable that is connected to the system.

This why we need network security in our system is because of this harmful objects and systems that will harm our computer.



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