Blog I: How Does Internet Affect The Way We Learn

There is no denying that the invention of internet is definitely one of the greatest ones human have ever met. The widespread use of the internet can prove how this innovation affects people’s lives. There are following my opinions.

Firstly, thanks to the internet, it is normally available that we can send any message and information to anywhere in the world immediately. In addition, so easy and quick to upload the latest information and news that we can receive all of them right away even if we are extremely far away from the place where those news and incidents happened.

Secondly, we can use internet to communicate with our friends, parents, and even strangers from all over the world. It is a huge progression for human being because distance is not a problem anymore to build up relationship between people. Take me for instance, my father has worked in American for a long time, and he only comes back to our home country, Taiwan, once a year. The best way I can talk to him and share everything about my life is through internet which is not only very convenient but also low-cost.

Lastly, owing to the internet, there is a tangible place saving limitless capacity of information. We can use it to research quiet a lot of information we need at a moment. For me, as a student major in business management, I often need to plenty of information and evidences to support my report, so searching tools in internet are so important for me that I cannot imagine the life without internet.

In conclusion, it is hard to measure how internet benefits human being, because it really gives us a pretty convenient and unprecedented impact on our lives. We can receive and also send messages at any place in the world, communicate with others who are far from us, and as well as search data and information we want by using internet. We cannot emphasize on the importance of internet too much, and it absolutely will affect us more in the future.


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